Friday, August 31, 2012


I can related to this video, getting hungry just listening to this tune.

Ice Cream

Makes you scream

Juice Up "Bane" Protests Bain In NYC

“Gotham's reckoning,” or angry man in a puffy costume? The 13-foot Dark Knight Rises villain was at Bain HQ in Manhattan Thursday with labor rights organization United NY to demonstrate against Mitt Romney's economic policies.

Be Water My Friend! Bruce Lee Remix

Unused PROMETHEUS Scenes! WHY!

For reason unknown these scenes didn't make the cut. Suppose to be the Mohawk guy horrible transformation, either way I really hope they jam pack the Blu-ray DVD with behind the scenes and Easter eggs goodies. October 11

Information on the design 
"To mutate Fifield beyond what was possible using practical makeup effects, WetaDigital generated a digital character with elongated limbs and an engorged,transluscent head, incorporating a semblance of Harris’ face,Scott filmed the sequence both with the actor in makeup and without, providing clean plates that would allow for the insertion of the digital character. The final cut featured mostly makeup effects, which Weta enhanced with digital wire removal, bullet hits, and one shot of the digital creature’s body blended to the actor."

MARIO WARFARE - Official Trailer

Coming Soon...Just No one knows when soon is?......

Aliens: Colonial Marines Escape Mode Trailer

A lot of screaming and pants soiled

Mortal Kombat Security Guard

Happy Birthday Street Fighter

Today is officially the 25th birthday of Street Fighter! 
Thank you for bringing us years of button mashing and smack talk. 

Its the Weekend!

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GP App of the Week

Texas Chainsaw 3D Poster

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Base off this trailer it's about a dog and bunch of people yelling the F word. One Ticket Please!

I Am What I Am: IRL Popeye

Rob Schneider falls on his face

The title says it all. Recently I enjoyed watching the 1995 Judge Dredd and was directed to view this gem. Thanks GP viewer....yeah, you know who you are...there's only two viewers here.....sigh.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LOOM 4K Short Film From Luke Scott

Like father like son. Or is it Like son like father?..Whatever! either way son of Ridley Scott son Luke Scott made a short film. Not for everyone but it is a good waste my time watch. Check it out

Raised by Zombies

Cool animation of a zombie apocalypse and some unlikely friends coming to the rescue.

Luigi Meets Waluigi

Enter the Kofi Cave - "Superstar Toyz"

I havent watch wrestling in a long time but this you tube video caught my attention. Kofi Kingston has a nice collection of nerd/geek items, that would be approve by the nerd/geek community

Old Spice Muscle Music

Only reason I purchase Old Spice now, stay till the end of the video and make your own beats with Crews Muscles.

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter IRL

Ben 10 Omniverse - New Look

Coming to Cartoon Network Saturday morning early September.

Cop Dog

A real bite out of crime.............fart

Gundarr - Tele-Vision Quest

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bigfoot hoax goes horribly wrong, impersonator killed

Bat Man of Shanghai

Check out Bat Man of Shanghai, the first in a series of shorts by Wolf Smoke studio “set in 1930 China and featuring an alternate version of Catwoman and a cameo by Bane.” The short was featured during Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block and Wolf Smoke promises more shorts if Warner Bros. gives them the okay.

Its Tuesday.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Star Wars The Clone Wars - Season 5 Extended trailer

Freddiew and the Last Crusade

More Star Wars Detours Clips

Star Wars Celebration VI Photos

Better late than never. I didn't take much photos because I just got lazy and figured they'll be plenty of photos floating on the net. SO here they are...... enjoy..Also No Clue Why! Blogger is keeping some photos not rotated..AFTER I CROP AND!....whatever...
For More and Better Photos check here -->
View all photos after the jump. 

Best Video on the Net! Dog & Cat Singing Game of Throne Opening!

Play together for an epic duet!

Expendables 2 Toy Story Version

TMNT Complete Classic Series Toon! COWABUNGA!

Cowabunga! Collect the Complete TMNT Classic TV Series Set - all 10 seasons together for the first time in a 23-disc set in totally awesome collectible packaging.

Slave Leia gathering at Star Wars Celebration VI convention in Orlando

Enjoy a video of hordes of nerds & geeks snap photos at girls showing skin and looking awkward.

Limbo with a Flashlight

Just shine the light away from your face.

TMNT 2012 - Training

Wreck-It-Ralph Art Gallery

Orlando Disney Hollywood has opened up an art gallery for the public, to get a sneak peek at
Disney Pixar: Newest blockbuster Wreck-It-Ralph 
I got a exclusive tour....(not really, no one was in there and I took advantage of snapping photos.)  

Apple Genius: Basically a Death Star (Apple Mac Parody)

Never trust those Fett's

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dr. Drew & Hugo Strange the Same Person?

Starting to wonder if the good Ol' doc is doing more harm than good. Doctor Drew track record isn't the best and the death toll is starting to stack up. With almost every Season of Celebrity Rehab ends with a cast member 6 feet under, Doc might want to re-think he's approach or is this all apart of his master plan? With each death he gains their souls and talent strength, charm, musical skills and healing powers to physical pain? ....Okay I'll shut up now, went into a comic book nerd fantasy...."WHAT IF!" 

Joey Kovar, Rodney King,Mike Starr and Jeff Conaway. 

How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

The Walking Dead EW Magazine Covers

Zombies are so main stream now, people are going to start looking for another horror monster to be hip with. 

Lets Get It On

So I'm guessing the new Justice League story line has Superman and Wonder woman shaking the foundation of earth and time. That lasso turn into more than just getting the truth. 

Zubatman! The Animated Series Teaser

He's the hero Kanto needs, but not the one it deserves.

Dark Knight Roasted!

He's Parents Are DEAD! Thank You and Good Night!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The truth about Godzilla

It was that Damn Plummer fault!

Pokémon vs. Plants vs. Zombies

I Want This App Game!

Behind the Scenes: deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way "Professional Griefers" Video...

Looking forward to seeing the final product

Bane After Batman

It will be a long road for full recovery but he is determine to improve for a better tomorrow.......

The Revenant Official Red Band Trailer

The After Life doesn't always have to suck

Wakko Performers DubStep Opera

Lawless - Official Red Band Trailer

Tar & Feather! I was talking about Shia LaBeouf. I'm still upset with his role in Indiana Jones.

Dexter Has A Lot On His Mind

Gundarr - Cupcake Fury Goes to the Vet

Somethings are not meant to be shared with Gundarr

Deadpool Animatronic Head

I stand corrected. It wasn't CGI. Cool Effects too bad the movie sucks

Bowser's Marital Problems

Mrs. Bowser got some potty mouth

Puppy Bot

Another reasons why robots and puppies can not be trusted

The 100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time

"These are Corny" there! 101!

Reaction to The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The joy of watching young kids heart and minds get destroyed over a movie, warning they do ruin the ending but if you care and actually want to go see the movie. I probably hate you.

Game of Thrones Opening Sung by a Cat

Well play internet, well played


Got a treat for you nerds today, 4 minutes of bloopers from the movie The Avengers.
YEah,yeah! I know its called GAG reel but the word GAG has a different meaning in my head.


For the Ladies

Its Tuesday.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

GUNDAM STYLE ! M/V (Gangnam Style Parody)

Some Party Rock style Koreans shows the world how to party GUNDAM STYLE! Someone put Subtitles on this please! Very curious on WTF they're saying.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Launch Trailer

Kick Bots!..yeah I went there..Either way the demo was great, making this a must rent/buy.

The Man With The Iron Fists Red Band Trailer

Metal,Blood,Kung Fu and scratchy voice.

Bullet to the Head Trailer

He's a people person, yet no one understands what he's saying...

The Expendables 2 Ultimate 80's Vintage Trailer

This is the only movie I have ever seen my military hard ass father buy advance tickets for....

The Last Stand Trailer

He's back and grumpy!

Angry Sun Hates Mario

Very hot head minion.....

The Adventures of Kim Jong Un

No evil is safe and no one may speak about it!

Honest Trailers: The Hunger Games

Nothing like watching a 8 year old vs a 18 year old, battling to the death. Bets are now open

The Leftovers 2 - Shart Week Day 5

Thursday, August 16, 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Opening Cinematic

Enough with this game! Lets focus on making a straight to Blu-Ray DVD!

Little Baby's Ice Cream Will Have you Screaming

You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for..!? GET THAT! THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!

Map Of Japan Made of 1.8 Million LEGO Blocks

They did it again with their tiny hands.....A wonderful 5,000 people came together and created a LEGO model of Japan, over 6 regions came together in a event title "Build Japan." In addition children that attended the event were given the chance to created a future Japan with their own imagination. I bow to all 5,000 +. I would LOVE to just Stomp through that LEGO Japan like GODZILLA!  

Deadpool Screen Shots "Killing & Chillin"

Activision and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron developer High Moon Studios has passed along a handful of screens and concept art for the upcoming Deadpool game, due out sometime in 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.
More after the Jump.

Sony Press Conference Mash-Up Gamescom 2012

GameSpot took all the highlights of the up coming games for Sony Playstation from this past years press conference. Enjoy.

Batman Meets Two-Face

I know this is old but its too funny not to share twice.

Jedi Condoms

Don't be the Father...


Going outside to greet two creepy kids and a crazy ice cream man doesn't sound like my style of fun either. Besides need to finish MegaMan

Filthy Reuben - Shart Week Day 4 - Epic Meal Time

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


First off "I WANT THIS DOG!" Second this dog has better skills than your dog and Third "This is simply amazing!"

God of War Lore in a Minute!


A True Horror movie for every man.

ParaNorman and the Expendables Movie MASHUP

Toy Story Toons "Partysaurus Rex" Sneak Peek

A viking woman bubble bath dispenser, that shoots liquid out her mouth....Pixar...

LEGO: LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The Epic Conclusion

LEGO saves us 9 hours of re-watching the LOTR trilogy 

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

I guess Sonic and the gang got tired of traveling on foot.

Metal Gear Rising RevengeanceTrailer

Whole new game play and style from all the past Metal Gear games. Less sneaking around in the shadows and more hack and slash for show and tell.

NEW LOOPER - Trailer

"Baby Got Back" Sung By the Movies

With 295 clips from random films sync together to give us the booty nation song. This person should get a award for the time it took to mash this together.


DareDevil gets a funk mean street reboot that we all can Dig. Can you Dig it Cool Breeze?

Batman vs ScareCrow

Batman Greatest Fears aren't so great...

Remember Me Gameplay Trailer

7 minutes of Capcom newest SciFi coming to platforms, it will get into your mind.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Cat Woman Sinks her Claws

Cat Scratch Fever joining the blood bath free for all

Mann vs. Machine

A new way to enjoy the game with friends, against wave after wave of robots.

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Trailer

In a Galaxy far far away and it won't go away.

Ultimate Spider-Man Ep. 18 - Clip

Crew get a new...........whatever

11-Layer Megaton Dip - Shart Week Day 3 - Epic Meal Time

Gundarr - Gundarr's Origin

Gundarr is one smart warrior

Monday, August 13, 2012

The LEGO® Story

The LEGO Group is about to turn 80 years old, and to celebrate 80 years of greatness they've released a wonderful CGI animated Pixar style short that gives us a look back at the history of LEGO. Check it out!

Indian Tex-Mex - Shart Week Day 1 - Epic Meal Time

Saturday, August 11, 2012

#RoseanneRoast - August 12

August 14! THE BURN with JEFF ROSS



Click Image for larger view
Of Course I'm a Ninja/Samurai..What's your sign? 
Created by James Wright & Josh Eckert 
Join them on Facebook as well -

Most Epic Van Damme Splits Ever

Noooo PRooblem.....

Tai Chi 0 Trailer - HIYA!

Some serious Kung FU Going on here!

Jason Statham's Greatest Hits, Kicks and Car Tricks

Badass in the making thanks to the British mean streets

The Campaign Movie Review : Beyond The Trailer

Live Action "Sleeping Dogs" Fight Film

Product advertisement at its finest. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer


The 10 Smartest People Alive Today

The list will blow your mind you big dummy. 

Chuck E. Cheese gets new look

Famous Card Board Pizza Family play pin restaurant nightmare has revamp its iconic Rat.
CEC Entertainment Inc. has booted the old 80's/90's rat and upgraded to a CGI rock & roll Rodent. 
Now if they could only upgrade the games. 

The Awakening "First 10 Minutes" Ghosts Of Children Come Out To Play

I haven't watch it yet but from the looks of it, it's spooky and take place in London. Oh and Evil ghost


“Burp” is a completely WTF Korean animation short film in which a farmer and his giant pig are confronted with aliens… And answer them with a big messy surprise! A funny video directed by Geuntae Park, Jongki Jeon and Kyung Soo Yu.

Burp from GEUNTAE PARK on Vimeo.


“A Fox Tale” is a beautiful short film directed by Thomas Bozovic, Alexandre Cazals, Julien Legay and Chao Ma, featuring a clever fox against martial arts experts. But everything changes when the fox turns into a beautiful creature and the two battle it out for her hand. Showing how far men will go for new hot tail.

A fox tale from A Fox Tale on Vimeo.

Kermit other GF

Hey now..Getting Froggy before the weekend.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love Like Aliens Short Film

Winner of some Asian Film Festival, I saw the title and said "What the @!# is this."
Then I get treated to CGI, alien (sort of), Space stuff and R&B. Either way you be the judge not my cup of tea but hey what the hell do I know I'm a blogger.

$2 Million Batcave in Home....Hate my job

This Asshole! (And I'm calling them an asshole because I'm jealous and very broke) But! 
Here is a shot with the bookcases open, revealing the Batmobile in a hidden secret room, complete with its own tunnel exit.

The rear view shows the home theater equipment displayed out in the open beside the elevator, along with the “Batcomputer

Bookcases open shows off the Tumbler
If you're wondering where you too can get a Bat cave like this go here. 
And since you can afford this and clearly have no need for money on a day to day base. Email me so I may share my Paypal account, so you may deposit a generous amount. 

Know Your Super Boobs

The Ultimate Boob Test! Can you name them All!? 
There be gold in dem hills.


Just in case you were wondering and all.... 


He's Ready...


I'm guessing that whole area is filled with Dog Poop made homes.


Artist: Witit Karpkraikaew aka Clocktowerman

Meet the Pink Bird: A new member of the Angry Birds!

This bird blows more than bubbles....SHUT UP! its all I got

Lore - Darksiders Lore in a Minute!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dinosaur Office: Team Building

Dino & Trust Falls don't mix well.

Mike Relm - The Joker

This is serious...

Green Goblin Behind the Original Makeup

The Worlds of Viral Video | Off Book | PBS

The 411 on how to capitalize on the net and some good tips for you up and comers to the marketing world.

Life Size Rancor Build

Not sure if this is going to be displayed at Orlando Disney World or Orlando Science Center. Either way it's very cool.

Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell against a few kids

Gundarr - Gundarr Is Show Marathon

More power to you if you can watch the entire thing.

Its Tuesday.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Face Punch Friday Vol. 31 & 32

Volume 31&32! It's been away since we punch you across the jaw but were back in time for the summer slam, so enjoy all the jaw breakers after the jump. Be sure to check out Volume 1-30!