Friday, July 27, 2012

How Prometheus Should Have Ended

The most anticipated scifi movie has turned into a web laugh track.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Official Trailer

The Nightmare back and worst than ever.

August 12,2012 - Roast of Roseanne: Bring It, Bitches!

Tom Arnold is sending flowers instead.

899 backers

Link -
Whoa - $56,498 pledged of $14,500 goal: 26 days to go

Its Friday.

Here some links to check out

Cloud Atlas Trailer

Lost me at Warner Brothers Logo....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manatee Super Heroes: GENIUS

Artist JHarris on DeviantART decided to draw superheros as Manatees for some reason, which in results is Amazing. More of his art can be viewed here.

Sleeping Dogs Mrs Chu's Revenge Walkthrough Trailer

The closes thing you'll get to GTA mix with Saint Row but with better gameplay and story.

Y: The Last Man Rising [Fan Film]

I haven't had the chance to watch this but from all the reviews its suppose to be good. So you guys let me know.

The Fate of Eorzea -- FINAL FANTASY XIV Trailer

Game with more spike hair people.

Sandcastle Sensei

Ill think twice from now on, when it comes to kicking sand castles over.

The Watch - Red Band Outtakes & Bloppers Trailer

It's a Wonderful Extra Life

Being Player 2 is important to others.

Friday, July 20, 2012

JImmy Fallon: Hashtags: #FakeDarkKnightSpoiler, Part 1 & 2

Even Batman giggled on this skit.

Will Bane Break The Batman? (Update)

Who is Bane? (Copy from DC comics)

In brief, Bane is one bad mo fo. Created in 1993 by the team of Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan, the comic book version of Bane was quite literally born into a life of crime. Raised in a prison from a young age as punishment for his father’s crimes, Bane quickly learned to fight to survive, killing his first man at the tender age of eight years old. He also showed a tremendous aptitude for learning, becoming a verifiable genius in addition to being a muscle-bound brawler.
Realizing what a unique specimen they had on their hands, prison officials decided to test a dangerous super-steroid on Bane called Venom. Although it nearly killed him, the Venom serum worked, giving Bane enhanced strength and agility. In retrospect, giving a super strong genius even more power was probably not the best decision. Bane eventually broke out of the prison and moved to Gotham City to square off with Batman in the classic “Knightfall” storyline.
At the beginning of the “Knightfall” story arc, Bane organizes the mass breakout of Arkham Asylum. Why? He did it to test Bruce Wayne both emotionally and physically. After months of grueling work bringing down the various psychos tearing apart the city (during which time Bane figured out Batman’s true identity by observation alone), Batman finally faced off one-on-one against Bane. The result was not so good for the Caped Crusdader.
As promised, Bane “broke” the Batman – quite literally snapping his spine in half (and giving us one of the best splash pages in comic book history). He then took his place as the king of Gotham’s underworld, at least for a little while, before being defeated by the new Batman, Jean-Paul Valley (a.k.a. Azrael).

With that said making your geek meter pop off, Will Nolan introduce us to a new Batman and how will he introduce the venom that creates Bane? Most fans still burn there souls on the horrendous appearance as a pumped-up Poison Ivy pawn in Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin. What other villains will show face in Gotham with the newest Batman Video Game coming to game consoles will Nolan bring in Hugo Strange or Black Mask? Hugo Strange obsessed with Batman’s true identity. Black Mask goal to become Gotham City most notorious crime lord and rumors still fog the Internet of Killer Croc and we all know now that Catwoman will be in the mix.

I can't wait to see what Nolan brings to the table with his third installment to the Batman universe and even making you wonder how will they be able to top Nolan version of the Joker and will they some how mention him in the movie since he started to new wave of villains in Gotham. 

UPDATE: 7/19/12
We waited for this day to come and it has finally arrived, Batman: Dark Knight Rises is in theaters. Like a 4 year old hearing the ice cream man truck turning the corner we lose our minds throwing $ to get the front of the line. With the amount of trailers and teaser roaming the net I hope its not going to spoil the film. As always Nolan and crew has keep a tight lid on the story out come, but from what most of us have seen from the internet, couple of things are certain. Batman gets beat up bad, Catwoman is along for the ride, Bane is no one to mess with and Gotham will never be the same after this. Since this is the last Batman movie Nolan will direct.

Lets go over some updated rumors of the dark knight. Main question still remains "Will Bane break Batman?" Has Nolan done a good enough job keeping it hush hush with the main story? Rumors float about Talia Al Ghul making a visit, what role Joseph Gordon play in Gotham and will there be any easter eggs of future & past villains?

I for one can't wait to see the film this weekend and can only hope for the future Batman to live the hype.  

The Dark Knight Rises

Ill watch the review once I see the movie, for those of you who don't care here you go.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two Towers in Two Minutes LEGO Style

If you build it people will watch......I. I Have nothing really cool to say.

PAC-MAN (Live Action Reboot)

A Hairy Pac-Man puts two souls in a chase that will seal their faith....

The Dark Knight Rises Ultimate Trilogy Trailer

Someone decided to create a mix cocktail of all the Batman films Christopher Nolan has dawn upon us morals. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2012

Deadpool invades Comic-con with a fever, a fever to DANCE!

Batman: The Animated Series Rises (Promo) - The Hub

So I guess there's a channel called HUB and they are celebrating the Dark Knight Rises, by airing 10 episodes of Batman: The Animated Series this Friday (7/20) at 4pm ET / 1pm PT.

The Walking Dead is coming to Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando locations have announced this year Halloween Horror Night theme. Base off the popular series The Walking Dead. So if you enjoy standing in line for hours on in, to then walk and sightly jog through a haunted house, this is just for you. They always do a great job in bring the experience of fear and claustrofobia at the parks, that alone will have you wanting to scream.

Dinosaur Office: Elevator

Craig put in a uncomfortable situation.

Scary Smash Film - Written by a Kid

A monster, milk truck and Squat team leader face a epic 7 day battle for the sake of the city. Better story telling than all Transformer movies combine.

Batman meets Two-Face

Batman might need to brush up on his detective skills...

Honest Trailers: The Dark Knight

EYE WART! Classic!

Why You Never Want a Gotham City Criminal On Your Crew

Thug life in Gotham is rough to break away from.

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel Preview

Its a start. Wonder if will get a Disney character crossover with Mickey and gang..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Evolution Of Dance by NAO Robot = Beginning of Robot Uprising

This is all how it starts! First they capture our hearts through dance and catchy pop tunes, then they're extracting our bone structure for fuel and wiping out all of man kind!!!

Thor vs Hulk Toon

Be sure to hit the deck when Thor summons his hammer.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D: The Nurse Scene Clip

Screw the yearly check up! Get me out of here!....nice rack though...

Ultimate Spider-Man with New Toys

Spidey showing off as usual

Batman: Arkham City Lore in a Minute!

Sneak peek of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5

Phew!pHew! Phew! Force and stuff. looks fun to watch

Green Lantern The Animated Series: Season 2 Preview

Dc nation toons still going strong with the new up coming Green Lantern.

Ninja Scroll Burst Trailer

Not sure whats the story with this trailer but from my reliable source via internet, it's a movie that will never be, since this is as much you'll get to see when you purchase the original Ninja Scroll on Blu-ray. My younger self would complain about this for hours but now...Whatever.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bunch of People claiming "I'm Batman"

I'm 5'3....@#$! I mess that up! I'm Bat!...........

Die Hard 1 to 4 - Gunshots!

McClane! Mother! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift 3D | Video Movie Review

Resident Evil 6 - Horror trailer

Super Zombies, running, guns and stuff.....

PlanetSide 2 Cinematic Teaser

Space, guns and stuff......whatever.

Hoverboard Lightsaber Portal Gun Fight

Kids and their crazy toys...

Its Tuesday.

Paranorman Sneak Peek

Stop motion thriller that I can't wait to see. "Perfect, now the Geeks are in charge."

FAB Bartender Explains Game of Thrones

Before I get be-headed. FAB as in Fabulous

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 3 Comic Con Entrance

Its late and I still haven't found any exclusive footage from Comic Con so heres Tony Stark..I mean Robert Downey Jr. being cool I guess.

Item 47 - Marvel One Shot Official Clip

I originally wasn't going to post this clip, due to the fact it's as entertaining as watching cows eat but its an up coming short film from Marvel comics that will be featured on the Avengers here it is..whatever.

Monday, July 16, 2012

California On Comic-Con 2012

Kassem G Back and he has some things he would like to ask the nerds that attend this once a year crowded freak show. More videos from past Comic-Cons can be viewed below.


The Avengers: Battle for Earth - Game Trailer

Xbox Kinect making grown men act out their inner nerd.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 'Live Action Trailer' Girl Power!

Namco best way to bring more fans, the formula = Girls,Fighting and loud music.

Punisher Short Film that is Badass!

This is the best Jack Daniels Commercial Ever!
Thomas Jane played the Punisher back in 2004 that didn't do to well but it looks like he wasn't done with the character yet and created this violent fan film. Even actor Ron Perlman jump on board this film.
When ask about his role and future of the film/character Thomas reply on Twitter "Not pushing anything. Just a fan film from Friends of Frank.
I'm calling for another shot at this Marvel character badass!

Gears of War: Judgment OverRun Tutorial Trailer

Shit! Seems like the Locus got all the power in this game mode? Hey Epic Games how about some love for the COG's? Air strikes, attack dogs, electric barbwire fences or something!

Game of Thrones for Math Nerds

And now you know NERD!

Star Wars Call Me Maybe

Sigh...Leave it to nerds to tie these two together.

FRINGE - Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer

Need to start watching this again.


Looks good....that's all I have to say. Its Monday and I'm lazy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

October 14, 2012

Phineas And Ferb: Mission Marvel

If you're real quite, you can hear a Marvel comic nerd from comic con screaming in anger. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

DC Nation - Bat Man of Shanghai: Cat Woman

The first Bat Man of Shanghai short, set in 1930 China and featuring an alternate version of Catwoman and a cameo by Bane. 

New Iron Man 3 Suit a bit Creamy

Looks like Stark getting into fashion with the suit. Off cream metal with moca red trimming and Prada photon cannons, 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Nickelodeon Opening Song & Clip

....I can dig the TMNT Theme Song Remix but! WHERE THE SHELL IS BEBOP & ROCKSTEADY! Look like there's more than one Krang, is this a good thing?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Y: The Last Man Rising [Fan Film]

Punching in at 21 minute, be sure to have some popcorn with this fan film.
Based on one of the most critically acclaimed comics of all time. A mysterious plague has wiped out all men on the planet, and women are left to pick up the pieces of society. The only surviving man is Yorick, an amateur escape artist who is the key to the continual survival of the human race. Special Agent 355 is tasked to protect his life at all costs. Luckily, she's really good at her job...

Deadpool 'Debut Teaser Trailer'

Finally a game with puzzle solving, intelligent decision making and skill building.........Wait! It's a Deadpool Game! All the crazy bullet flying, sword slicing and comic one liners that will keep your funny bone going.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gangster Squad Official Trailer

Na See! Base on a True Story See! Yea! Like cement boots on a snitch See! Na!
$100 clams you're doing the voice See! Reading this See! Na!

Oz the Great and Powerful Official Trailer

Disney shooting for another cult hit first it was Alice in Wonderland, now it's the Wizard of OZ.... Mickey Mouse leans back in his chair twirling his thumbs "good,good."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Highlight Reel

The reason why the Gover-nater is the Action Star Hall of Fame we love today.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Premiere Trailer

From the makers of Ghost in the Shell! SOLD!

August 9, 2013

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Action Trailer

Same Gameplay, better graphics and more coins. Rise,wash,repeat.

BAMF Girls Club

Your favorite kickass chicks and Bella?....under one roof. My money on Michonne to be left standing.

Borderlands2 Trailer

In this jungle no one sleeps at night, unless you want your legs in on spot and your torso in another.

Collectibles Everywhere - The Sights of Comic-Con 2012

More Comic Con Goodies! Courtesy of Gamespot

Dr Paul unboxes the Nexus 7

UFC World Champion GSP has been busy kicking stop motion ninjas ass for entertainment. Nick Diaz is flicking his middle finger to this right now.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

A show about nothing, yet we want to watch it....

Final Fantasy VII Lore In A Minute

Your Gil means nothing! Now go summon something scary.

Street Fighter X Tekken 'PS Vita: Episode 1-3 Cinematics

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comic Con Bingo Fun

Something for you and the kids to help you not come un-glue, from the hours of standing you'll face at this year Comic Con. 

Topless Robot Comic Con Coverage

Since we at Ghost Pig didn't get an invite to the Biggest Comic Convention, @#$!%... We decided to direct your attention to our internet friend at Topless Robot. He will be doing all the coverage of the convention that matters, so bookmark his site you won't be disappointed.
What's that?...Well of course GP will still be copy & pasting, it's what we do! Recycled Entertainment at its BEST!

Injustice - 15 Minutes of Gameplay

You get to finally settle your comic nerd question. Who would win in a fight? Superman vs Batman - Flash vs Green Lantern etc. etc.


The premise of Item 47 is that a not-so-ethical young couple (Party Down‘s Lizzy Caplan and Flags of Our Father‘s Jesse Bradford) recover one of the lost alien weapons and figure out how to make it work. Then, of course, they have to figure out what to do with it — and their solution is a life of crime.
S.H.I.E.L.D. agents played by Lost‘s man-in-black Titus Welliver, and Maximiliano Hern├índez (reprising his role as Sitwell fromThor and The Avengers) are assigned the task of stopping them and getting the weapon back.
Will be available on The Avengers Blu-ray edition but if you happen to make Comic Con this weekend, you may have a chance to catch it. 

Black Dynamite: Sneak Peek: Black Dynamite: 'Jackson Five Across Yo' Eye

MJ was the true puppet master

Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews "Kinect Star Wars"

The force is strong within his hair.

Spider-Man VS Batman Dash to Box Office

Why can't superheroes just get along....

No Batman Doctors Orders

First Look: Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn (Live Action Series)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ultimate Spider-Pig

Bendito Machine IV - Fuel the Machines

Bendito Machine IV - Fuel the Machines from Zumbakamera on Vimeo.
An improbable hero embarks on a crude journey by land, sea and air -throughout all the attractions of a planet turned into a massive petrochemical park... and beyond. For more information visit their Blog. You can also help support their future work by donating to their KickStarter.
 Blog -
 Kickstarter -

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pregnetheus - [Prometheus Cartoon]

This animation is spot on, detailing the crazy that happens in Prometheus

Ninja Turtles Animation Tribute

What the artist had to say. "A tribute to the Ninja Turtles.. ever since I read the original black and white comics as a kid I have been a fan. In TMNT Vol. 1 by Mirage Studios they frequently had guest artists and almost every comic was a totally different style. In particular, when I read #37 and #42 By Rick McCollum & Bill Anderson it totally changed my life. No kidding! Those books are so beautiful, and are so intense and full of magic that they left a deep mark on me. Anyway, I always wanted to do a TMNT comic myself, but in the meantime here is a fan animation instead. I know its super nerdy to make fan videos but I don't care, making this was like my 10 year old dreams come true. Although it's my voice, the line that splinter says; "I am here, my son(s)" is from the first TMNT movie, made in 1990. It is one of my favourite moments because it always hits me as some sort of hidden zen-master-like riddle, as if he is actually saying "here we are, THIS is it" or something."

Rise: July 20, 2012

Popular Demand

Hot Chick Kicking Ass

Better fighting scene than most Hollywood Movies I've seen

Gustavo's Box Cutter - Breaking Bad

Uncut version is much better

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - Promo

New show that puts comedians in a car and they drive around either sharing funny stories or just staring off into the distance / road rage. Either way the concept sounds great and hopefully its a hit..By the way it shows on a channel called Crackle, whatever that is.

Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)

I think Michael Bay mind just exploded

Reason Number 158 better to join the Dark Side

Sith get all the chicks

Jack Reacher Official Trailer

So! This is the reason Katie left! She must have got an early viewing of the film! ZING!

Dubstep Dispute

And that's just Breakfast!

This guy wants to turn Detroit into a Zombie Theme Park

Free bag of meth at entrance and medical vaccine shot, be sure to roll around in all the broken glass, slide against rusty edges and splash in rotten sewage. Fun for the whole family! And nightmares for all your kids.

The Incredibles 2 - will Pixar ever make the movie?

Now you know and knowing half the battle! P-I-X-A-R!

NERDIST DOES STAR WARS - A Lightsaber's Journey to Comic-Con

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Trailer