Friday, February 10, 2012

The Incredibles 2!!!

Not really....talented artist Edwin Rhemrev did some fan art hoping that Pixar might get the spark and create The Incredibles 2! Out of the 50 thumb-nails drawing he did while riding a bus to taco bell, he narrow it down to these 7 great images where you can make up your own story arc from. More can be found here ->
More Art photos after the jump. 

Billboard Robots that tell you how they feel

Could this be the origin of Mr. Incredible? 

Shot of beautiful Safe City

Mr. Incredible & Frozone race back to the city to save the family stuck in the tower.  

Looks like the family get VIP movie star status with there very own tower. 

Elastic girl suit ripping! Must mean only one thing, she is stretching to her max and might not make it out of this rescue alive! 
Family working together to battle a new treat of evil! And wheres Frozone?!?