Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Fallen Stars

Bring in 2012 soon, unfortunately these fallen stars of 2011 will not see that day. Quick picture montage of celebrities that impacted our lives on way or the other. In No order: Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Ryan Dunn, Patrice Oneal, Nate Dogg, Andy Rooney, Joe Frazier, Andy Whitfield, Dwight 'Heavy D' Myers, Bubba 'High Tower' Smith, Peter Falk, Clarence Clemons, Jeff Conaway, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Gough, Dwayne McDuffie, Harry Morgan.

3 other names that bite the dust this year and most of us didn't even shrug our shoulders about. 
Osama Bin Laden, Kim Jong-il & Muammar Gaddafi