Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghost Pig-Top 5 Halloween Family Films & some others

Listen up! Whether you like it or not today is a day to celebrate Fear! Darkness! and all Things that Go Bump in the Night! That's why here at Ghost Pig we put a line up of Must See films that the entire family can watch and like. It is your duty to make the New Era of orc babies/movie lovers to view these films and if you haven't seen these.....Well! What are you waiting for Check Out the list and go! Watch these Spooky Films. 
What's that? We miss a movie? Well share your Favorite Halloween Movies. 

This movie will make you do some yard work/home improvement. If not get ready to become the House Lunch.  

#2 Coraline
Creepy story that leaves a young girl question her wishes and on an adventure that she will never forget.  

#3 The Nightmare Before Christmas
Movie works well twice a year. The opening alone will have you singing the Halloween Song.

#4 The Batman vs Dracula
There can only be one Batman and the original Batman is back to claim his place, staring in Gotham City. Also a blood terrifying scene of the Joker that you will never see any where else. 

#5 The Corpse Bride
Lets face it Burton Team knows how to rule the Halloween movie theme.
Another great tale from the living to the dead.

"Who You Gonna Call!"
If you don't know the answer you better ask somebody!

Bugs Bunny has had his share of foes but never the likes of this.
Double the Bugs Bunny this time the tricky rabbit goes head to head with the famous Count Dracula, which becomes a classic slap gag laugh out loud adventure. 

Whats not to like 3 Crazy Witches trolling throughout towns in search for a magical book and the taste of children. 

A Halloween classic that the new era of trick or treaters must watch.