Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who teaches Super Heroes how to fight?

For the most part we have our hand full of heroes that learn how to fight by some karate master, former CIA agent, or some kind of super solider that passes their skills to who they feel fit. Then you have your average every day Joe that becomes a super hero by accident, alien technology, radioactive spill, or some kind of crazy experiment that turns them into a super human with powers. They then slap on a costume and go out into the world fighting crime and saving the day.
Lets take Spider-Man for example, bitten by a radioactive spider, gets spider like ability. That's really it, he's not spinning his enemies in a web and devouring there insides for nutrients, instead he is swinging across New York kicking bad guys ass. Sure this will work on a low life crime robber or some hobo treating to kill someone with a rusty knife, but now you got super villains and for the most part 9/10 know how to fight and take a punch. Which then raises the bigger question how the hell do the good guys always win?
I would like to see more comics focusing on how these super heroes become so good at kicking ass. A professorial fighter trains for years before even thinking about fighting in a ring, what makes you think an average Joe that never got into a fight nor taken a punch to the face, can stand a chance against someone that matches his or her strength. Either way just a thought, what you guys think?
Check out a video I found to help our heroes some what in case danger arise. After the Jump