Thursday, March 31, 2011

Megacon/ Mega Who Cares

So after attending this past comic convention I have to say that the attendance was good but not the best. Comparing Megacon to other known comic convention (Wondercon, Heroes, Comic-Con) its a small fish in a big ocean. Megacon has been around since 2005 and is the comic convention for central Florida. Florida has had their share of other comic conventions (FX Show, Orlando Comic Con, and Jacon) but they all seem to come up short and ultimately disappear in the convention scene.
So what makes these other convention so popular? What makes these comic convention pull in bigger attendance and bigger known artist and stars? The media. I don't understand why Megacon doesn't get any love from top internet websites (ComicVine, Comic Alliance,Marvel, DC comics, etc.) and television programs (G4tv, Spike, Disney) we just don't.
You would think Orlando Florida. Head quarters to Disney World, number one vacation destination in America, owner of Marvel comics, would build more a hype or even set their presents at this convention.
Its clear that the people in Orlando and others that fly/drive to the event love the show. The cosplay alone was overwhelming, the lines for major hitters like Stan Lee and William Shatner was mind numbing crazy to wait in but thats what makes it a great experience. But again its just not enough. I think the fans want more, Orlando Megacon needs more exposer, more hype, more media backing than the newspaper, comic shops and bloggers working together to draw in fans.
Look at the success Star Wars Convention pulled and if I'm not mistaken they are planning for another next year and plans to make it a bigger event.
What do I know I'm just another comic fan ranting on what he thinks should be a bigger event than it is. What you guys think?