Thursday, March 31, 2011

HangOver 2 Trailer

EMBED-The Hangover: Part II - Watch more free videos

Something to drink to!

Over 9000! Hits in 3 months. Not bad drinky crow.
Thanks to everyone that has added this site to your daily net surf. Cheers! Doik,doik,doik.

Ghost pig sticker at Wondercon

Hey guys and gals! If you are planning to attend Wondercon in San Francisco, California. April 1-3, Stop by Mike Henry booth in artist alley 150. Grab yourself a FREE Ghost Pig Sticker!
Also if your a photographer or writer and want to share your experiance at Wondercon. Contact us and we will be happy to post it up. Yes! You get all the glory with it.......sigh.

Megacon/ Mega Who Cares

So after attending this past comic convention I have to say that the attendance was good but not the best. Comparing Megacon to other known comic convention (Wondercon, Heroes, Comic-Con) its a small fish in a big ocean. Megacon has been around since 2005 and is the comic convention for central Florida. Florida has had their share of other comic conventions (FX Show, Orlando Comic Con, and Jacon) but they all seem to come up short and ultimately disappear in the convention scene.
So what makes these other convention so popular? What makes these comic convention pull in bigger attendance and bigger known artist and stars? The media. I don't understand why Megacon doesn't get any love from top internet websites (ComicVine, Comic Alliance,Marvel, DC comics, etc.) and television programs (G4tv, Spike, Disney) we just don't.
You would think Orlando Florida. Head quarters to Disney World, number one vacation destination in America, owner of Marvel comics, would build more a hype or even set their presents at this convention.
Its clear that the people in Orlando and others that fly/drive to the event love the show. The cosplay alone was overwhelming, the lines for major hitters like Stan Lee and William Shatner was mind numbing crazy to wait in but thats what makes it a great experience. But again its just not enough. I think the fans want more, Orlando Megacon needs more exposer, more hype, more media backing than the newspaper, comic shops and bloggers working together to draw in fans.
Look at the success Star Wars Convention pulled and if I'm not mistaken they are planning for another next year and plans to make it a bigger event.
What do I know I'm just another comic fan ranting on what he thinks should be a bigger event than it is. What you guys think?  

Transformers 5 - The Planet of Earth


Who teaches Super Heroes how to fight?

For the most part we have our hand full of heroes that learn how to fight by some karate master, former CIA agent, or some kind of super solider that passes their skills to who they feel fit. Then you have your average every day Joe that becomes a super hero by accident, alien technology, radioactive spill, or some kind of crazy experiment that turns them into a super human with powers. They then slap on a costume and go out into the world fighting crime and saving the day.
Lets take Spider-Man for example, bitten by a radioactive spider, gets spider like ability. That's really it, he's not spinning his enemies in a web and devouring there insides for nutrients, instead he is swinging across New York kicking bad guys ass. Sure this will work on a low life crime robber or some hobo treating to kill someone with a rusty knife, but now you got super villains and for the most part 9/10 know how to fight and take a punch. Which then raises the bigger question how the hell do the good guys always win?
I would like to see more comics focusing on how these super heroes become so good at kicking ass. A professorial fighter trains for years before even thinking about fighting in a ring, what makes you think an average Joe that never got into a fight nor taken a punch to the face, can stand a chance against someone that matches his or her strength. Either way just a thought, what you guys think?
Check out a video I found to help our heroes some what in case danger arise. After the Jump

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Transformers 3 Blowing Stuff Up



Batman? Wish?

Pixar~Monsters 2 in ‘Monster University’

CinemaCon, reported that Pixar officially announced the Monsters Inc. sequel will be called Monster University.
Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman) return to star as  college rivals at the University of Fear. (rumor)

Wonder Woman Filming in Hollywood - Full Costume

Many Moods of Donald Duck

Tim Rogers just finish up his Many Moods of Donald duck.
Fun Fact:  Original layout desk from the Disney studios.

Wonder Woman In Action

New Flaming C video

Fear Itself Trailer

Mortal Kombat 2011 Select Screen

Looks like someone leak the cast list a month before the game release, also rumor has it that the DLC pack will include Kintaro, Kenshi and Skarlet. PS3 players will be getting Kratos as an exclusive player along with his very own stage.
1.Scorpion – Liu Kang – Kung Lao – Sub-Zero
2.Sindel – Ermac – Reptile – Kitana
3.Johnny Cage – Jade – Mileena – Night Wolf
4.Cyrax – Noob Saibot – Smoke – Sektor
5.Sonya Blade – Jax – Kano – Stryker
6.Shang Tsung – Baraka – Kabal – Raiden
7.Cyber Sub-Zero - Sheeva – Quanchi – Cyber Sub-Zero

Bowser by Albino Raven

Check out more of his art here--

Bat-Mobile Redesign Contest

Car Design Fetish recently had a contest to redesign the bat mobile, not sure what they won but either way we all win, by them sharing their wicked bat mobile make overs. Here are the winners and runners up. More after the jump. 

Kill Bill Poster by Tyler Stout

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wondercon 2011

This weekend is San Fransico 25th comic convention Wondercon. Be sure to check back here for event and cosplay photos.



 G4 AOTS (Attack of the Show) is looking for Viewer Army recruits to cover local events and make an appearance on Attack of the Show. Check out the dates and events after the jump. 

Hawkeye plans to shoot an arrow in THOR movie

Jeremy Renner is playing Hawkeye in Avengersbut now we know that the first place you’ll see the character is in Thor this summer
The scene features Hawkeye using his famous bow and arrow and he has multiple lines, so while we’re talking about something a little more than a momentary cameo, there’s no way to know if his involvement will go any further than that one scene
Source: CinemaCon

New Venom vs Kraven the Hunter

Get a sneak peek of the upcoming Venom #2 comic.
Flash/Venom finds himself in the savage lands and encounters the worlds most dangerous hunter Kraven
On stands April 27,2011

I Heart Spidey

Dan Hipp version of Venom 

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle on Smallville

The episode takes place in Booster’s very early stages where he’s at his conceited best, where he believes he can do whatever he wants. He’s gonna stay for the photo op and bask in the glory of his heroic efforts
Air date: April 22,2011

Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)

Tangled Concept Art Tour

With the release of Disney Animated Tangled on DVD & Blu Ray today (3/29/11) thought I would share my tour of behind the scene concept art and more photos. More after the Jump

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crimson Monkey Megacon Photos

Buddies at Crimson took some great photos of cosplay that needs to be shared check them out and tell them Ghost Pig sent ya.

Megacon 2011 Day 1-3 Cosplay/Event Photo EXPLOSION!

As promise days 1,2 and 3 of Orlando Megacon 2011. Had a great time at the event and to all that visit the booth and got a sticker thank you for the support.
Please feel free to mention yourself, if you are in the photos. On a side note.
Hats off to all that volunteers and all that help put together Orlando Megacon 2011, making it a great comic convention. I would always say that on the East Coast conventions, Dragon-Con was the elite in cosplay and on the West Coast Comic Con of course. Megacon 2011 was a cosplay bomb of creative people and positive atmosphere, I can't wait till next year to see what they plan to do with the convention. Toes cross to get a bigger venue and bigger guest list who knows, what to expect.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Megacon 2011 or Bust!

Ghost Pig Blog will be hitting the road soon, hitting up Orlando Florida BIGGEST comic convention this year MEGACON 2011. We will be posting photos of the event, so be sure to check back here during the next week. (Monday)

In Memory of Pat Carlucci - True Bromance

I realize that attending Megacon Comic Convention this year has a higher meaning to me, why you ask cause if it wasn't for me attending Megacon, I would have never meet a great person like Pat. 
I can only smile and laugh at all the crazy moments and conversations we would have. Pat would say, “You play to much grab ass.” Which would only fuel me to act even crazier around him. 
I meet Pat in 2004 at Megacon and ever since then became great friends, introducing me to some great people, which also became some of my best friends today.
If you ever had a chance to meet Pat you would know that he is a guy that goes above and beyond to lend fellow artist and friend’s a helping hand. 
Pat my friend I will miss you tremendously and our Bromance will never fade.

Kermit L. Gonzalez

In honor of Pat Carlucci enjoy a gallery of his art work, pictures, and fan art done over the years.
(If anyone would like to share anything pictures, art, and a few words please feel free to share they would be welcomed)

Ghost Pig Stickers!

If you are attending Orlando Florida, Megacon 2011 March 25-27th. Be sure to stop by Onixan Productions booth in artist alley and snag yourself a FREE! Ghost Pig Blog Sticker!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ratchet & Clank®: All 4 One Story Trailer

Rio - Angry Birds Mashup

Artist Spot Light "Shawn Surface"

 Today's artist spotlight is a good friend of mines; not only is he a veteran in the art community but an honorable wise and stalwart warrior. Not long ago he volunteered himself on a quest to destroy the one ring that could destroy middle earth. Now he settles down in Orlando Florida where he rests alongside his favorite axe. Mr. Shawn Surface, born in the northern western region raised by rogue walruses he learned at an early age that just being a merciful warrior is not his true calling in life. His passion is to become a great artist and a great artist he is.

How to Train a Dragon Cartoon Series!

How to Train Your Dragon: Based on the book by Cressida Cowell, DreamWorks Animation’s new series rolls fire-breathing action, epic adventure and laughs into a captivating and original story. Hiccup is a young Viking who defies tradition when he befriends one of his deadliest foes—a ferocious dragon he calls Toothless. Together, the unlikely heroes must fight against all odds to save both of their worlds.
More after the Jump.

Reason # 420 to Attend Megacon~ Sanford Greene

Amazing Spider-Man: Covers #666-669

Mortal Kombat in 5 Minutes

Wow! I never knew the entire story/background of MK till now.

TROOPERS - Interrogation

Code Monkeys .:: Extra::. Recording With Adam de la Pena

Short Behind the Scenes on Code Monkeys: Voice Acting
We want Season 3!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Guess I got My Badger Back

Taking the Badger to A Whole NEW LEVEL!

Another Step-by-Step of VENOM: From Dave Luvsis ~ Adonihs

Nice treat to end Tuesday, another Venom drawing this time from Deviant-Art member Dave Luvsis (Adonihs). Check out his detailed step-by-step process after the jump!

Step-by-Step of Joe Quesada's 'Venom' #1 Cover Art

Joe Quesadilla was nice enough to share with the Twitter World his step-by-step process on the New Venom  Comic Cover. Check it out after the Jump

SECRET SIX #34 Cover

This is why he is never invited to birthday parties.

More Art of VOLTRON! Toon

More after the jump

Crysis 2 Launch Trailer [HD]

Out Today! Be ready to waste your nights on this.

Halo Forge Greatness

More Crazy creations from Halo Reach Forge Map after the jump

Reason # 411 ~ Attend Megacon: Tim Townsend

The Best Tracer Inker in the Business 

Reason #169 to Attend Megacon - Joe Pekar

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mike Henry~HangOver

He debuted them at ECCC this year and now you can get your chance to pick up Mike Henry New series of prints "HANGOVER" starting with a set of 3 unique pieces of art. Be sure to pick up your copies at Megacon 2011!  More after the jump

Reason # 225 to Attend Megacon~ Dave Johnson aka: Devil Pig

Another Artist that will be attending the convention in style, smoke pipe and all. 
More after the jump

Blinky "Wants to be your Friend."

Blinky™ from Ruairi Robinson on Vimeo.

Destino (Dali & Disney) + incredible soundtrack by Shpongle

Old but Good, Thanks to CA for reminding me of this.

C2E2 2011 Cosplay & Event Photo Explosion

Photos after the Jump

Wizard World Toronto Comicon 2011~Video was nice enough to put a montage of this past weekend
Wizard World Toronto Canada 2011