Friday, July 20, 2012

Will Bane Break The Batman? (Update)

Who is Bane? (Copy from DC comics)

In brief, Bane is one bad mo fo. Created in 1993 by the team of Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan, the comic book version of Bane was quite literally born into a life of crime. Raised in a prison from a young age as punishment for his father’s crimes, Bane quickly learned to fight to survive, killing his first man at the tender age of eight years old. He also showed a tremendous aptitude for learning, becoming a verifiable genius in addition to being a muscle-bound brawler.
Realizing what a unique specimen they had on their hands, prison officials decided to test a dangerous super-steroid on Bane called Venom. Although it nearly killed him, the Venom serum worked, giving Bane enhanced strength and agility. In retrospect, giving a super strong genius even more power was probably not the best decision. Bane eventually broke out of the prison and moved to Gotham City to square off with Batman in the classic “Knightfall” storyline.
At the beginning of the “Knightfall” story arc, Bane organizes the mass breakout of Arkham Asylum. Why? He did it to test Bruce Wayne both emotionally and physically. After months of grueling work bringing down the various psychos tearing apart the city (during which time Bane figured out Batman’s true identity by observation alone), Batman finally faced off one-on-one against Bane. The result was not so good for the Caped Crusdader.
As promised, Bane “broke” the Batman – quite literally snapping his spine in half (and giving us one of the best splash pages in comic book history). He then took his place as the king of Gotham’s underworld, at least for a little while, before being defeated by the new Batman, Jean-Paul Valley (a.k.a. Azrael).

With that said making your geek meter pop off, Will Nolan introduce us to a new Batman and how will he introduce the venom that creates Bane? Most fans still burn there souls on the horrendous appearance as a pumped-up Poison Ivy pawn in Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin. What other villains will show face in Gotham with the newest Batman Video Game coming to game consoles will Nolan bring in Hugo Strange or Black Mask? Hugo Strange obsessed with Batman’s true identity. Black Mask goal to become Gotham City most notorious crime lord and rumors still fog the Internet of Killer Croc and we all know now that Catwoman will be in the mix.

I can't wait to see what Nolan brings to the table with his third installment to the Batman universe and even making you wonder how will they be able to top Nolan version of the Joker and will they some how mention him in the movie since he started to new wave of villains in Gotham. 

UPDATE: 7/19/12
We waited for this day to come and it has finally arrived, Batman: Dark Knight Rises is in theaters. Like a 4 year old hearing the ice cream man truck turning the corner we lose our minds throwing $ to get the front of the line. With the amount of trailers and teaser roaming the net I hope its not going to spoil the film. As always Nolan and crew has keep a tight lid on the story out come, but from what most of us have seen from the internet, couple of things are certain. Batman gets beat up bad, Catwoman is along for the ride, Bane is no one to mess with and Gotham will never be the same after this. Since this is the last Batman movie Nolan will direct.

Lets go over some updated rumors of the dark knight. Main question still remains "Will Bane break Batman?" Has Nolan done a good enough job keeping it hush hush with the main story? Rumors float about Talia Al Ghul making a visit, what role Joseph Gordon play in Gotham and will there be any easter eggs of future & past villains?

I for one can't wait to see the film this weekend and can only hope for the future Batman to live the hype.